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Back in 1978 I was laid up in hospital following a car accident. My then current car had been a Mini 1000 and following the accident (head on collision with a Peugeot 504 estate which had been traveling on the wrong side of the road) there wasn't much left of the Mini. I was lucky not to have been more seriously injured and was grateful that I had been wearing a seat belt (remember that it wasn't compulsory then and I did not always wear one!). So after being extracted from the wreckage by the fire brigade I spent the next 4 months waiting for my fractured femur to mend.

One afternoon my brother who was home from Uni came to visit me in hospital and said that he had seen a GT6 for sale (he was running a MK2 spitfire at the time). I was already interested in GT6's as one of my sisters friends had owned a MK2 but I didn't know much about GT6's or the differences between the Marks but decided to buy it. So I dispatched my brother to have a look and if it was any good he was instructed to buy it. Well this he did and he took advantage of the fact that I was laid up in hospital and took the opportunity of driving on my behalf. I ran this car for a year or so after getting out of hospital but by that time terminal rust had set in and I didn't have the money or the skills to carry out the repairs.I found an immaculate MK3 spitfire to replace the GT6 but I never really got on with the Spitfire and was disappointed that my bothers MK2 could outperform it with ease.

I then had a succession of cars including Cortina 1600E, Capri 3000 GTXLR and a Lotus Cortina before buying my next GT6. This was a somewhat tatty MK2. I did quite a lot of work on this car whilst I had it including body work and an engine rebuild. I was exposed to several other Triumphs over the years, rebuilding a friends 1500 Spitfire engine after it expired on the motorway and my brother had a MK3 GT6 for a short time which was purchased as a write off but only needed a new rear panel and a bit of lead loading to make it pretty much perfect.

I have created this website primarily to document the restoration of my 3rd GT6 but have added some extra pages to cover a bit about the cars, create a gallery and provide a few links that readers may find useful. It is very much work in progress and I will update and add content as I get time.

*********GT6 NOW SOLD************

My GT6 has now moved on to pastures new and I am the proud owner of a 1972 TR6. I have a new website whre I will add TR6 stuff from time to time.

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